A Short History of Philosophical Ideas about Infinity

Illustration: Elwood Smith Note: This article is part of "What Everyone Should Know About...", a Quarterly series by MHC professors. Almost the earliest pieces of writing we possess speculate and argue about the infinite. Greek philosopher Zeno's paradoxes are probably the earliest. One of them…... » Read more

Lessons from the Financial Crisis

What everyone  should know about... A Quarterly series A number of factors created a financial crisis this fall bigger than any seen since the Great Depression. These included easy money (low interest rates), deregulation since the 1970s and lax regulation under the Bush administration, bank…... » Read more

Trouble in Your Tank?: Ethanol Fuels More Problems Than It Solves

“What I find most puzzling is how little we, as a nation, seem to care about finding alternative solutions to the fuel mess.” As summer hit the beautiful Mount holyoke campus, world energy and food markets were in a state of unprecedented turmoil. Lest you…... » Read more

Alberto’s ‘Daughters’—MHC Bonds Buoy Professor Through Troubled Times

Professor of Spanish Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez remembers his fortieth birthday party in 1994 as a death-taunting celebration. No one present thought the guest of honor, even if he was lucky, would survive until the millennium. He was gaunt to the point of wasting, and suffering advanced…... » Read more