Jean Sammet '48

Ten Minutes With Jean Sammet ’48

Programming Pioneer, Jean Sammet Jean E. Sammet ’48 majored in mathematics at Mount Holyoke and was a pioneer in developing and researching programming languages. She created FORMAC, the first widely used computer language for symbolic manipulation of mathematical formulas. Sammet has won numerous awards, most…... » Read more

Holly Hughes ’75 Dishes on the Best Food Writing

Since its inception in 2000, Holly Hughes has been editing the Best Food Writing series, which highlights culinary trends through epicurean-inspired stories and essays. With titles like “Still Life with Mayonnaise” and “Truffle in Paradise,” the Best Food Writing of 2012 examines food from the…... » Read more

Takin’ It to the Streets, a conversation with political activist Liz Roberts ’91

What is the War Resisters League, and what projects are you working now? It was founded in 1923 by women suffragists and conscientious objectors from World War I. My role as development and membership coordinator is to interpret to members, donors, and funders our antimilitarism…... » Read more

Inside the Real West Wing: Interview with Mona K. Sutphen ’89

Jillian Dunham: Could you give us a sense of your typical day at the White House? Mona Sutphen: It starts around 7:15 with a series of senior staff strategy meetings, and usually a meeting with the president. Those go until around 10:00 ... and then it’s…... » Read more