President’s Pen: Summer 2019

A little over three years ago, higher education experts Cathy Trower and Peter Eckel wrote an article that appeared in Inside Higher Ed, outlining how challenging it is today to be a member of the board of trustees of a college or university. Trustees serve as…... » Read more

The Maven: How to Take a Great Group Photo with Your Mobile Phone

We are all photographers. Each one of us carries in our pocket an amazing tool to take family photos, pictures of our kids and group shots at every gathering. But even the best smartphones need some help making good photos, which is where the human…... » Read more

Wendy Wasserstein ’71 delivering the 1990 Commencement address

Wendy Wasserstein’s 1990 Commencement Speech

One's worst nightmare is having a paper due for your own college nineteen years after graduation. A friend of mine advised me to take off my robe and sit down in front of the stage and say, "Let's just keep this informal. I'll take questions."…... » Read more

Sparking Curiosity

The first time Nancie Fimbel ’68 stepped onto campus, she knew she belonged. “This is where I wanted to be,” she says. And since that very first moment, she has been engaged in and inspired by the work of Mount Holyoke. Fimbel’s career shaped her…... » Read more