Yaine Neyhard sits in the library, wearing a striped shirt, with short, purple hair.

Elevated language: Yvaine Neyhard FP’20 and the topography of Hamlet

Frances Perkins Scholar Yvaine Neyhard’s FP’20 interest in Mount Holyoke’s Makerspace was initially piqued by a sweet tooth — and the chocolate-making workshops that started back when the space occupied a much smaller footprint in Art 211. “I wasn’t able to attend any of those…... » Read more

“Mount Holyoke Afire” explores what was lost — and saved — in three campus fires

A WINTER EXHIBITION in Hinchcliff Reception Hall at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum examined three devastating blazes that had a significant impact on the College. The exhibition reconstructed what daily life was like in campus buildings and contextualized what was lost during three fires…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke’s mid-century student exchange program with Bennett College

Students from Bennett College, a historically Black women’s college in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Mount Holyoke participated in a two-week exchange program each February from 1958 through 1963. Students attended classes together, lived in dorm rooms with host-school roommates, ate in the dining halls and…... » Read more

A century ago: illustrated idioms in a Mount Holyoke yearbook

THE 1919 LLAMARADA showcases two pages of illustrated idioms, including this one: Her pen ran out in the middle of class. The uncredited images are shared as part of the “Random Memories” section of the nearly 300-page yearbook. Other drawings appear throughout the book, but…... » Read more