Mount Holyoke campus

Exploring Mount Holyoke as a living laboratory

Transforming Mount Holyoke's natural and built landscape into an exciting destination for hands-on multidisciplinary undergraduate research and teaching Deep in the woods on the path around Upper Lake students stretch and move, interacting with the landscape. On the other end of campus, students measure water…... » Read more

Giving — and receiving — compassionate care as a medical professional

AS A DOCTOR-IN-TRAINING in the late 1970s, I sat in a room on the inpatient psychiatric unit with a man who was clinically depressed. It was my duty to work with him, listen to him, offer him what I might and report back to my…... » Read more

Then and Now: Mount Holyoke’s student newspaper

THEN choragos After 50 years of publication, the 51st editorial board of the Mount Holyoke student newspaper made the decision to change its name from Mount Holyoke News to choragos. They felt the newspaper was not meeting the needs of students and that its tradition…... » Read more

“Mount Holyoke Afire” explores what was lost — and saved — in three campus fires

A WINTER EXHIBITION in Hinchcliff Reception Hall at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum examined three devastating blazes that had a significant impact on the College. The exhibition reconstructed what daily life was like in campus buildings and contextualized what was lost during three fires…... » Read more