Mount Holyoke alumna shares a passion for the stage

Rewind to Tiffany Tang’s ’97 junior year at Mount Holyoke, and she likely would have declared she was done with theater. Despite it being a lifelong love, she wanted a reliable career first and would figure out a way to pursue her creative interests on…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke President Mary Woolley’s medal collection: Markers of a distinguished career

During her lifetime Mary Woolley, who served as Mount Holyoke president from 1901–1937, amassed a collection of about two dozen medals, coins, ribbons and badges that is now housed in the College’s Archives and Special Collections. In 1937 Woolley was the first woman to be…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke incoming students, 28 years apart

At the end of August 1990, the class of 1994 arrived on campus for first-year orientation. This group of red pegasi was made up of 453 students from 43 states plus D.C. and 28 countries. Forty-seven percent of them graduated in the top 10 percent…... » Read more

Incoming students enjoy a Mount Holyoke movie tradition: Watching “Dirty Dancing” under the stars

On Friday, August 31, 2018, after officially arriving on campus for their first year at Mount Holyoke, the class of 2022 gathered in Gettell Amphitheater to watch the movie “Dirty Dancing,” many for the first time. Many upper-class students — some returning to campus early…... » Read more