Alumnae Sisters Created the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Turkey

Just seven years after graduating from Mount Holyoke, Mary Ann (known also as Mary and Annie) and Charlotte Ely, both class of 1861, established their own version of the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis, Turkey. A handwritten “autobiographical sketch” found in Archives and Special Collections, presumed…... » Read more

The Transcendent Journey of Mount Holyoke’s First International Student

In 1890 Toshi Miyagawa arrived in South Hadley after a long journey from Japan. The first international student to enroll at Mount Holyoke from outside North America, Miyagawa was one of the last graduates to receive a degree from Mount Holyoke Seminary. Just months after…... » Read more

Open fan book, shaped like a half circle

Modest Archival Book Beautifully Illustrates Japanese Painted Fans

Japanese Fan Book Bequeathed to Mount Holyoke by Josephine Purtscher Fellows, class of 1924, when she died in 1986, Painted Fans of Japan: 15 Noh Drama Masterpieces is covered in brilliant red and gold fabric and takes the shape of a quarter of a circle.…... » Read more

Diploma from Mount Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis

Archives and Special Collections has in its collection a diploma from the Mount Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis, Turkey. Yellowed from time and dappled with water spots, the certificate shows lines indicating it was once folded in eighths, to the size that might fit in a…... » Read more