Valerie Barr ’77

Mount Holyoke Alumna Takes an Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Science

After teaching at Hofstra University and serving as chair of the computer science department and director of interdisciplinary programs at Union College, Valerie Barr ’77 was appointed to Mount Holyoke’s Jean E. Sammet Endowed Chair in Computer Science last fall. The honor comes after years…... » Read more

Election buttons

Emily Martz ’94 on Running for Office

We saw in the fall 2017 elections a wave of new leaders emerging, many of them strong, intelligent women. Many who had never run for office before. They decided to run to make a difference, to get things done in a new way. It was…... » Read more

Seats in Rooke

A Look Inside Alice Withington Rooke Theatre

Rooke slideshow Built in 1966, the Alice Withington Rooke Theatre, originally named Laboratory Theatre, was renamed in 1977 to honor the mother of then-trustee Dorothy Rooke McCulloch ’50. Located off Morgan Street between Creighton Hall and Abbey-Buckland Hall, the site was also home to the…... » Read more

Radio illustration

Barbara Cellana Bernard ’48 on Working for a Full Life

With the exception of my mother, everyone in my family died young. This is the only reason I can fathom why I have always tried to pack so much living into the few years I thought I’d have. I am now 90 ½, and in retrospect…... » Read more