The John D. Rockefeller skating rink.

Campus Ice Skating Once Offered Winter Respite

The John D. Rockefeller skating rink In the area of campus where Porter Hall now stands, overlooking Lower Lake, there once stood a covered skating rink. The rink, donated to the College by John D. Rockefeller, measured 120 feet by 50 feet and was one…... » Read more

Archival Campus Map from 1950s Featured on Admissions Brochure

Archival Campus Map This Mount Holyoke campus map—the outside cover of a 1950s admission brochure—was hand illustrated and showed not only the layout of campus buildings and roads but also people interacting in the space. Figures are shown skating on Lower Lake, riding horses, relaxing…... » Read more

President’s Pen: Winter 2018

As the finishing touches are added to the new Community Center, where contemporary dining meets the historic feel of the Mount Holyoke residential experience, we are turning our attention to the programming that will be centered in it, as well as to the opportunities represented…... » Read more

Archival Equestrian Materials Presented at the Art Museum

The Material Life of Equestriennes, A recent display at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum featured this traditional English women’s riding hat and saddle. Estimated to be about two hundred years old, the hat is still remarkably intact. And it is remarkably different from the…... » Read more