Tech in Campus Language Labs Evolved from Gooseneck Mics to Multimedia Resources

—By Sara Rottger ’19 This article appeared as “Language Labs” in the fall 2017 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

A Tour Inside the Iconic Campus Clock Tower

On the third floor of Mary Lyon Hall, down a hallway and through two offices, if you look up and behind a door, you will see in the ceiling a small trap door. Under it stands a ladder, next to which hangs a thick tan…... » Read more

In Mount Holyoke’s Centenary Program, Mary Lyon Already a Cult Figure

The College reached its first one hundred years early on in the history of the Alumnae Quarterly, and the magazine celebrated the milestone in its May 1937 issue. The issue opens with a full-page outline of the centenary festivities—planned for May 7, 1937—biographies of all…... » Read more

Dorien Davies ’98 Brings Beloved Characters to Life Onscreen as a Digital Puppeteer

Dorien Davies ’98 didn’t always dream of being a puppeteer. Instead, her journey into the tightly knit world of puppeteering began after years of acting and writing comedy productions. Before an encounter with the famed Jim Henson Company guided Davies onto her current path, she…... » Read more