Dihann Geier ’78 on Coping with the Loss of Both Parents

A close friend once said to me that life is a series of losses. I thought that was a terribly pessimistic view of life, and I discarded it. I lived my life under a different banner: Life is wonderful! Life is joyous! Sure, there are…... » Read more

Dooleys book cover

Fall 2017 Books

The following is a list of books published by alumnae and faculty, or about alumnae, and received at the Alumnae Quarterly offices since the publication of the summer 2017 issue. To submit your work, please email The Dooleys of Richmond: An Irish Immigrant Family…... » Read more

Alumnae Association Names Maria Z. Mossaides ’73 New President-Elect

At the Annual Meeting held during Reunion alumnae approved the slate of incoming officers to the board. Among those alumnae who began a term in July is Maria Z. Mossaides ’73, who joined the board as president-elect for one year before becoming president in July…... » Read more

117-year-old Laurel Chain Tradition Nods to Roman Poets, Honors Suffragists

A familiar and beloved ceremony to all who belong to the Mount Holyoke community, the ritual of the laurel parade began 117 years ago, with two wreaths of laurel leaves carried by the president and vice president of the graduating class. In 1902 the wreath…... » Read more