The class of 1977

Alumnae Share their Stories While Back for Reunion

Over two May weekends of sunshine and rain clouds, more than 1,700 alumnae and guests from the classes ending in twos and sevens, and 2015, traveled back to Mount Holyoke from across the globe to reconnect with each other and the idyllic campus they still…... » Read more

Grapefruit with Black Ribbon by Susan Jane Walp ’70

Reimagining Still Life with Susan Jane Walp ’70

Artist-in-residence For two months last spring Susan Jane Walp ’70 was the artist-in-residence in the studio art department at Dartmouth College. Since the 1930s the program has been bringing artists to campus to give students an idea of what it is like to be a…... » Read more

The Uncommon English Teacher and the Forgotten Doughboy

Summer 2017 Books

The Book of You: For My Child, with Love (A Keepsake Journal) Plume This guided journal offers creative writing prompts, checklists, and myriad ways to share treasured memories and to express your pride in and gratitude for your children. Kathryn Lacy Marshall ’81, with David…... » Read more

Class notes illustration

Nobel Prize or New Puppy: The Art of the Class Note

... The class of 1952 just celebrated our sixty-fifth reunion. For sixty-five years the Alumnae Quarterly has arrived in our mailbox every three months! We have progressed from ink wells and blotters to smartphones. We still read our class notes. (As it turns out, class…... » Read more