Jennifer Grow ’94

Editor of the Alumnae Quarterly on the Challenge of Telling the Mount Holyoke Story

¶ Jennifer Grow ’94 has been editor of the Alumnae Quarterly since 2013. Previously she was assistant editor of Williams College alumni magazines for thirteen years and held positions in fundraising and marketing. From 2001 until 2007 she coached the Mount Holyoke novice crew team.…... » Read more

Rocking chair and fireplace at Sycamores

Sycamores: A Look Inside the Home of South Hadley’s Wealthiest Bachelor (in 1788)

Sycamores, located on Woodbridge Street north of the Mount Holyoke campus and named for the grand trees that once lined the building’s path, was built in 1788 by Colonel Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridge. South Hadley’s wealthiest resident and illustrious bachelor wore the hats of a physician,…... » Read more

Two members of the Blackstick literary society

The Origins of Mount Holyoke’s Esteemed Blackstick Literary Society

From 1909 to 1961 a select few upperclass students could be seen wandering around campus with a distinctive black stripe down their forehead and nose and a placard around their neck that read “Blackstick.” These strange signifiers marked students as members of the esteemed literary…... » Read more

Acting President Sonya Stephens speaks during the laurel chain ceremony at Mary Lyon’s grave in May. Photo by Deirdre Haber Malfatto

President’s Pen: Summer 2017

It is an inescapable and heartwarming truth about Mount Holyoke that we are invested in a tradition of traditions. At no time in the academic year, and at no moment during the career of a student, is this more apparent than during the commencement exercises.…... » Read more