Pie charts

1960 Alumnae Survey Results

¶ ¶ In June 1960, alumnae opened their mailboxes to an extensive survey sent out by the Alumnae Association. Two years later, with the help of Elizabeth Green, class of 1931, and professors Everett D. Hawkins (economics) and Elizabeth Tooker (sociology), the Alumnae Quarterly synthesized…... » Read more

Medal of Honor

Honoring Alumnae

¶ ¶ Since 1937, when the Medal of Honor was first awarded on the occasion of the College’s centennial year, more than 400 have been bestowed upon alumnae. Criteria include: eminent service in promoting the effectiveness of the Alumnae Association and/or College; significant leadership, specific…... » Read more

Words from Wise Alumnae

¶ The summer 1963 Alumnae Quarterly included a four-page illustrated article by "two very wise alumnae," Henrietta Howell Slote ’51 (Hetsy) and Elizabeth Chickering King ’44 (Betsy). The article was written in response to a spring 1963 article that characterized students as “angry” undergraduates and…... » Read more