Medal of Honor

Honoring Alumnae

¶ ¶ Since 1937, when the Medal of Honor was first awarded on the occasion of the College’s centennial year, more than 400 have been bestowed upon alumnae. Criteria include: eminent service in promoting the effectiveness of the Alumnae Association and/or College; significant leadership, specific…... » Read more

Words from Wise Alumnae

¶ The summer 1963 Alumnae Quarterly included a four-page illustrated article by "two very wise alumnae," Henrietta Howell Slote ’51 (Hetsy) and Elizabeth Chickering King ’44 (Betsy). The article was written in response to a spring 1963 article that characterized students as “angry” undergraduates and…... » Read more

Mary E. Woolley

In Memoriam

¶ In the thirties and forties, Mount Holyoke lost three respected and notable members of its community: zoology professor Cornelia Clapp (1849–1934); trustee Joseph Skinner (1862–1946); and College President Mary Emma Woolley (1863–1947). The Alumnae Quarterly published extensive obituaries, noting the contributions each had made to the…... » Read more