Mary E. Woolley

In Memoriam

¶ In the thirties and forties, Mount Holyoke lost three respected and notable members of its community: zoology professor Cornelia Clapp (1849–1934); trustee Joseph Skinner (1862–1946); and College President Mary Emma Woolley (1863–1947). The Alumnae Quarterly published extensive obituaries, noting the contributions each had made to the…... » Read more

Emily Dickinson Letter

A Letter from Emily Dickinson

¶ ¶ The January 1926 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly featured a fold-out reproduction of a letter written by Emily Dickinson, class of 1849, to her childhood friend Abiah. A full transcript of the letter—still one of the College's Archives and Special Collections’ most prized…... » Read more

Jell-O Ad

Advertisements in the Quarterly

¶ ¶ Starting with the earliest issues of the Alumnae Quarterly, companies such as Tiffany and Co., Jell-O, and General Electric advertised in the Quarterly, generally on the inside of the cover and in the back pages. Other advertisements that appeared regularly included those for laundry…... » Read more

First cover of the Alumnae Quarterly

An Editor’s Introduction

¶ ¶ On page thirty-two of the debut issue of the Alumnae Quarterly, editor Margaret Ball, class of 1900, and her editorial advisory board lay out their intentions for the magazine in a column titled Comment and Discussion, transcribed in full here: This Quarterly makes its…... » Read more