No Intention of Being Quiet

Listen to Shirley Chisholm's commencement address to the Mount Holyoke class of 1981 and watch Chisholm announce her bid for the Democratic nomination for the 1972 presidential election.      ... » Read more

Portrait of Rachel Fuller Brown, class of 1920

Funding Women in Science for More Than 40 Years

Rachel Fuller Brown, class of 1920, almost didn’t attend Mount Holyoke. Although she was a strong student and hard worker at Central High School in Springfield, her family had little money, and had a friend of her grandmother’s not offered to pay her tuition it…... » Read more

The library as seen at night from outside on College Street.

President’s Pen: Fall 2019

  The semester is well underway, and everywhere I go on campus there is a sense of shared endeavor in the pursuit of a Mount Holyoke education. I see stacks of books on tables from the library to the Dining Commons. I see desk lamps…... » Read more

My Voice: Aysha Baqir ’95 on #MeToo and the Asian Woman

“My cook.” “Mine too.” “It was my tutor.” “I never told anyone.”  My throat tightened as I gazed at the circle of motionless figures seated around the veined marble tabletop. Five minutes ago, my host’s black-and-white dining room had resonated with a powerful discussion of…... » Read more