Meg Barstow ’42 with her art

The Female Gaze: Fall 2016

Queer Gospel: A Reclamation A bunch of PhD candidates forming a queer gospel group? Sounds unlikely and unusual, but it’s true for Mallory Cohn ’08 and three friends at Indiana University in Bloomington. In 2013 Cohn was invited to join The Anointed, a new all-femme…... » Read more

The Pepper Box

MoHome Memories: The Pepper Box

A Place for Star Gazing Lost to time, the Pepper Box was once a highlight of campus. Built in 1884, this small, twelve-sided building had two nicknames: The Pepper Box, for its resemblance to pepper shakers of the time; and the Spoon Holder, a rare…... » Read more

Sundial beside Abbey Chapel

On Display: Counting the Bright Hours

A Wife Remembered Close observers walking through campus may notice several unique sundials. Some are situated on pedestals, some on the sides of buildings. All offer an opportunity to pause and reflect, and none has stood the test of time more than the sundial found…... » Read more

Acting President Sonya Stephens (third from left) enjoys the company of participants of the Mount Holyoke College Shakti Program in Mumbai, India, in August.

President’s Pen

In their 2014 book How College Works, Daniel F. Chambliss and Christopher G. Takacs write about the way in which the social world of college “spreads out from a small circle of two or three close friends, to a wider group of routine acquaintances in…... » Read more