Learning in the Field: Death Valley

  At the early hour of 3:30 a.m. on March 10, nineteen enthusiastic students and three geology department staff—Professor Steven Dunn, Associate Professor Michelle Markley, and Lab Director Penny Taylor—headed off to Bradley International Airport on their way to Death Valley National Park. During the previous eight weeks, the undergraduates—all students of…... » Read more

Mollye performing Occupied Territories

The Female Gaze: Summer 2016

Theatre of Movement Mollye Maxner’s FP’05 creative work is so multifaceted you can’t slap any one label on what she does. She wears the hats of director, dramatist, choreographer, playwright, and artistic director, developing and presenting original theatre and movement works. Maxner is also a…... » Read more

Connections: United by the Mount Holyoke Spirit

This summer the College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ) will host the print show Kanreki: A 60-Year Journey, marking the sixtieth anniversary of the CWAJ Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Prints. The origins of CWAJ—a volunteer, nonprofit organization based in Tokyo—can be traced back to 1949…... » Read more

Dr. Beth O'Leary ’74

Ten Minutes With: Dr. Beth O’Leary ’74

Moon Studies Dr. Beth O’Leary ’74 holds a unique title: space archaeologist. It’s a designation she earned as a result of teaching classes in her specialty, cultural resource management. These studies often lead to National Register nominations of archaeological and historic sites. She is currently…... » Read more