Fiske letter

Fidelia Fiske’s Letters

Fidelia Fiske, class of 1842, kept up careful correspondence with her alma mater during her years abroad. Her letters chronicle everything from conversions to illness, blessing or praying to God in each. Many were sent to her friend and mentor, Mary Lyon. Oroomiah, April 23, 1855…... » Read more

Chapin Auditorium

Insider’s View: Chapin Auditorium at 100

In 1899 students and alumnae came up with the idea for a shared building, one that would be a headquarters for student organizations and a home for visiting alumnae. After years of planning and fundraising by students, faculty, and alumnae, the new building—Student Alumnae Hall—was…... » Read more

Fidelia Fiske

Mount Holyoke in Persia

The Life and Work of Fidelia Fiske —Written and illustrated by Hope Larson. Colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick. This article appeared in the summer 2016 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more