Dorm windows

Then & Now: Dorm Life

—1984 photo courtesy of Archives & Special Collections / 2016 photo by Deirdre Haber Malfatto This article appeared in the spring 2016 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

Laakan McHardy ’16 and Michelle Hurst ’74

Find Your People: Laakan McHardy ’16 and Michelle Hurst ’74

Michelle Hurst ’74, actor. Laakan McHardy ’16, theatre arts/psychology major. Connected in November 2015 when Michelle returned to campus to speak at the Black Alumnae Conference. Laakan was assigned to be her assistant. The two shared an immediate understanding of each other and have kept in touch as…... » Read more

Prospect Hall 1963

A Look Inside Student Rooms

During Mount Holyoke’s earliest years, all students lived in the Seminary building. Two students would share an 18x10 foot room, which was heated by an open Franklin stove and illuminated with oil lamps and gas lights. Student often decorated their rooms with carpets, curtains, and…... » Read more