Hiking Maven: Nika Meyers ’11 on reaching great heights

Ever since I was a young child I have enjoyed spending time outside no matter where I am. After college I discovered thru-hiking — hiking a trail from start to finish — and the experience changed me, my values and how I relate to people…... » Read more

A photo of Hortense Parker and several classmates. Parker is looking off to the right of the camera.

Celebrating Hortense Parker

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the Hortense Parker Celebration on campus. Hortense Parker, class of 1883, is the first known student of color to graduate from Mount Holyoke. She was born in 1859 to Miranda Boulden Parker and John Parker, a noted abolitionist and…... » Read more

A History of Mail at Mount Holyoke

The 1919 student handbook describes the campus post office — then in Mary Lyon Hall — as “the place you will hang around the most.” In the 100 years since, the post office has been housed in several different campus locations. And while in 2019…... » Read more

Catalyst for Change: Shirley Chisholm’s time in Congress, on campus and beyond

In late January 1972, a petite African American woman took center stage in the auditorium of the Concord Baptist Church School in Brooklyn, New York. The room and rafters were overflowing with press and several hundred supporters, and all eyes were on the 47-year-old woman…... » Read more