Mount Holyoke Forever Shall Be

Alumnae recall their time at Mount Holyoke during Reunion festivities More than 1,200 alumnae from generations that span nearly a century traveled back to campus from around the globe for a single shared cause—their love of Mount Holyoke College. From thought-provoking Back-to-Class sessions to outlandish…... » Read more

by Roger Cameron

Ten Minutes With: Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97

Boarding for Girls Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97 is no stranger to taking risks, but her biggest adventure came in 2008 when she founded her own company. Upon realizing that most skate, snow, and surf wax brands target men and boys—through brand name, packaging, graphics, or…... » Read more

Laird and her children, from left, Brendan, Evelyn, and Colleen

My Voice: What is Enough?

I used to stage whisper my dreams of motherhood, not sure if attending Mount Holyoke would mean I had to view my future in a different light. Would I be a disappointment to this prestigious women’s college if I did not go forth and stand…... » Read more

Lab partners Emilie Heidel ’10 and Arda Kotikian ’15 work together in a lab for Chem 212.

A Winning Formula

Educating top chemists, professors, inventors, and researchers through a forward-thinking chemistry program rooted in history It’s 11:30 a.m. on the Tuesday after spring break, and twenty-three students have settled in Chem 212: Chemistry of Biomolecules class in Kendade 303. After some housekeeping items and a syllabus update, Professor Katie McMenimen…... » Read more