President’s Pen: Spring 2015

A few years ago, Anne-Marie Slaughter created a firestorm when her article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” was published in The Atlantic. Slaughter begins her piece by recounting a talk she delivered on “work-family balance” to a group of Rhodes Scholars and reports…... » Read more

MoHome Memories: Spring 2015

MoHome Memories: From Mock Elections to Rally Cries

How Mount Holyoke women pushed for the vote “A woman’s college is not generally thought to be the place to go for political excitement,” begins an article from the November 13, 1904, Philadelphia Press newspaper, which goes on to describe an amusing and “elaborate” tradition…... » Read more

Women in the Lead

Overseen by Barbara Moakler Byrne ’76, the Women in Leadership Index is showing that the market is bullish on companies with women at the helm Shortly before taking her company public in January 2014, Sheila Lirio Marcelo ’93 went on the road to get feedback…... » Read more

The Maven: How to Read a Poem

The Maven: How to Read a Poem

Many people are scared of poetry. They say that they can’t understand it and don’t know how to read it, and some simply choose to avoid reading poems entirely. How does this happen? When did poetry become something intimidating and inaccessible? Start young and have…... » Read more