Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 Reveals the Magic of Our Own Two Feet

In Leonardo’s Foot: How 10 Toes, 52 Bones, and 66 Muscles Shaped the Human World, Carol Ann Rinzler ’59 delves into history, literature, anthropology, and science to examine what Leonardo da Vinci called “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”—the human foot. Rinzler,…... » Read more

MHC Moment: July 2013

President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 celebrated MHC's 175th anniversary with alumnae at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, which promotes appreciation of the arts and horticultural science, through the preservation, presentation, and interpretation of the collections of Albert C. and Laura L. Barnes. The event was hosted by former…... » Read more

Prof. Edward P. Clancy Turns One Hundred

  Following in the footsteps of his father—a professor of English at Beloit College in Wisconsin—Dr. Edward P. Clancy is a beloved former Mount Holyoke professor as well as a celebrated physicist. On July 3, 2013, Dr. Clancy will also earn the impressive title of…... » Read more

Mars with Curiosity (illustration)

Was There Life on Mars?

Astronomer Darby Dyar and Students Help NASA Answer the Big Question On August 5, thousands cross the country sat at their computers watching the landing on Mars of the rover Curiosity live on NASA TV. MHC’s Professor of Astronomy Darby Dyar stood in a crowded room…... » Read more