spring 2010

Looking Backward: Reflections from President Creighton

Taking Stock of “The Creighton Effect” What a difference fourteen years can make. Since Joanne V. Creighton assumed the presidency in 1996, the college’s mission has stayed the same, but much else has been altered significantly. As President Creighton prepares to hand the administrative reins to President-designate Lynn Pasquerella ’80…... » Read more

Pioneers of Change

On Being the First Family Member to Attend College Katie Pierce’s mother couldn’t understand why her daughter wanted to go to college instead of developing a talent she identified in high school for doing her friends’ hair. Alyssa Nelson ’11 and her mother both wept…... » Read more

Moments of Clarity

Clarity Guerra ’09 Proves MHC Is Ready for Its Close-up Clarity Risska Guerra’s first job out of college was to go back to college—not as a student but as an observer, a chronicler, and a messenger to the YouTube generation. Since last spring, when she…... » Read more

Web Extras for “How to Read a Contemporary Poem” by Nigel Alderman

Poetry is, of course, a multifaceted art form; below we present a tiny sample of the many ways you can experience it. Eavesdrop on Emily Yates ’11 as she creates a new poem (and reads the finished product) Listen to MHC Professor of English Robert…... » Read more

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