spring 2013

Virginia Hamilton Adair ’33 Featured in Oliver Sacks’s New Book

Virginia Hamilton Adair ’33 wrote her first poem at the age of two, yet didn’t publish her first book of poetry until she was eighty-three and blind, seven years before her death. The New York Review of Books described Ants on the Melon: A Collection…... » Read more

Indelible Images: Patricia Swain ’73

When award-winning photographer Patricia Swain ’73 arrived in Turkey, she wasn’t entirely sure what kind of photographs she was after. She knew one thing, though—there would be chickens. These common fowls had been on Pat Swain’s mind since working in Maui, Hawaii, where there are…... » Read more

Caroline Boa Henderson 1901: Voice from the Dust Bowl

  The plains of the Midwest experienced an acute sense of déjà vu during the summer of 2012. Drought destroyed crops, killed livestock, and sent farmers into bankruptcy against the backdrop of a severe economic recession. While perhaps more acute, the long-term drought that occurred…... » Read more

Magical Memory Tour

Revisiting Favorite Campus Spots When you think about your favorite spot at Mount Holyoke, do you envision autumn’s scarlet splendor? The murmur of hushed conversations and concentration in the library’s reading room or the smell of coffee in the atrium? Upper Lake’s thundering waterfall? Perhaps…... » Read more

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