spring 2014

Access to Education

Expanding opportunities for low-income students in America During a bitterly contested election, a senator gives a closely watched speech on education. “We are not attracting bright young men and women into teaching because the salaries which we pay our teachers are shamefully low,” the senator says.…... » Read more

Everyday Changemakers

Alumnae making a difference through change Most women’s lives aren’t comprised of prizewinning, front-page accomplishments. But the details of their day-to-day work—coupled with devotion, passion, or just plain stubbornness—can set change in motion and lead to unintended positive, even extraordinary, impacts in their own lives and,…... » Read more

News Olans Brown_FI

Attorney Judith Olans Brown ’62 Honored

In November Judith Olans Brown ’62 received the Lelia J. Robinson Award from the Women’s Bar Association at a gala celebration in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1994, the award has been given annually to women whose trailblazing approaches to changing the legal landscape and greater community…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Spring 2014

Kat Cope ’05 Working from her subconscious—saying she allows materials to guide her work, Kat Cope ’05 is a mixed-media artist who works in printmaking, papermaking, and collage. Drawing since she was a child, Cope says, “Even before I went to Mount Holyoke, I wanted…... » Read more