spring 2014

The Great Flood of 1936

In the early days of March 1936, Mount Holyoke students had one thing on their minds: mid-semester vacation. Winter had been especially tough that year, with record snowfalls and long stretches of extreme cold. Letters and telegrams home included details of train tickets, packing, and…... » Read more

Insider’s View: Inside the Greenhouse

Built in the years immediately following the fire of 1896, which destroyed the original seminary building on campus, Talcott Greenhouse displays a living collection of plants from around the world. First-years can stop by to collect a complimentary plant—most often a jade or spider. The…... » Read more

Connections: Spring 2014

Celebrating the Past and Present of Mead Hall Last fall Phoebe Cos ’16 began contemplating just how thankful she was to live at Mount Holyoke, particularly in Mead Hall, where she is a community advisor. As Founder’s Day approached an idea struck her: Why not have an…... » Read more

News Safran

Surviving in Numbers: Ali Safran ’14

This semester Ali Safran ’14 is managing a nonprofit from her dorm room in South Mandelle. Incorporated in June, Surviving in Numbers raises awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, in part through displaying a collection of anonymous submissions—photos of survivors holding up posters with…... » Read more

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