spring 2016

Blush Painting

Female Gaze: Spring 2016

Ceramics: Sculpting a Life “People are never just one thing or another. For me, life is not a dichotomy,” says Joan Libby Hawk ’69.  This sentiment has guided Libby Hawk throughout her life, now more so than ever as she enters what she refers to…... » Read more

Bringing History to Life

With an open-door, please-touch philosophy, Mount Holyoke’s Archives and Special Collections is helping students and alumnae connect with the College’s—and their own—rich past The small brass, oak, and glass display case at the entrance to Williston Library’s main reading room is literally called the treasure…... » Read more

More Books Spring 2016

Five Flights Up: Sex, Love, and Family, From Paris to Lyon CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Life unravels when American psychotherapist Kristin Louise Duncombe faces being uprooted again—to follow her husband from their secure nest in Paris to bourgeois Lyon. The result is a touchstone memoir…... » Read more

The ornately decorated Brumidi Corridors on the first floor of the Senate wing in the United States Capitol

Into the Halls of Power

Honoring Professor Victoria Schuck’s legendary Washington, DC, internship program and the Mount Holyoke women it set on the path to success  Vicky Schuck never failed to make an impression. Former students remember her bursting into classrooms like a brilliant whirlwind, holding court in a library…... » Read more