spring 2016

A view of the Williston Library Reading Room. Photo by Deirdre Haber Malfatto

President’s Pen

In a few short months, I will be stepping down as the eighteenth president of Mount Holyoke College to begin a new charge as head of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). To say these final days in South Hadley are bittersweet is an…... » Read more

Illustration of two faces

My Voice: Loss and the Stories that Connect Us

As I walked to my car, the September sky was full of deep blue possibility, and the warmth and brightness of the sun filled me with hope. I had just said an easy good-bye to my three-year-old. Seeing a new preschool mom behind me, I…... » Read more

Old letters

MoHome Memories: Writing a Shared History

Round-robin letters “When I was a child, mother used to tell my brothers and sisters and me about the round-robin letters,” says Susan Hewitt FP’93. “It was part of the family lore.” Hewitt’s grandmother, Alice Walker Hodgkins, class of 1909, arrived at Mount Holyoke College…... » Read more

The key, thought to be made of brass, measures five inches in length and hangs on a circular ring measuring five inches across. Photo by Joanna Chattman

On Display: Unlocked

Mary Lyon's Key Few details are known about the key to Mount Holyoke’s original Seminary building, but the Archives and Special Collections counts it among its collection. A skeleton key on an oversized circular ring, the key belonged to Mary Lyon, who used it to…... » Read more