spring 2017

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Curtis Smith

Professor Emeritus Curtis Smith died on February 15 at the age of 93. After serving four years in the US Army during World War II, Smith attended the University of Chicago, where he earned his undergraduate degree and his doctorate. He arrived at Mount Holyoke…... » Read more

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Alumnae Form a Community through Facebook

“Let’s talk grocery expenses,” reads a post to the Mohos with Kiddos Facebook group in February. “What is your average monthly cost?” With nearly 2,500 members—and growing—Mohos with Kiddos is a closed Facebook group for Mount Holyoke alums that was started in January 2016 by…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Spring 2017

Exploring The Angled Road In January 2013 Emily Dietrich ’85 started a writers’ group open to members of the Mount Holyoke Club of Puget Sound, in Washington state. The group, which was first suggested by then-president Lisa Tompkins ’82, offers alumnae the opportunity to get…... » Read more

10 Minutes With: Monique Washington ’91

A Chicago Police Sergeant on Her Call to Serve Initially thinking she would embark on a career as an entertainment lawyer, a turn as a paralegal led Monique Washington ’91 into public service, which propelled her toward a master’s degree in criminal justice and her job…... » Read more

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