Summer 2008


Alumnae in public office find politics frustrating, exhausting ... and satisfying. Call it an epiphany years in the making. In chapter one, Sharon Har ’90 picks up a ringing telephone after putting in a long day as a staff adviser to Hawaii’s lieutenant governor. It’s…... » Read more

When Down Leads to Up

Downshifting Brings Upsurge in Quality of Life While most drivers leave gear choice to their automatic transmission, some prefer the control offered by shifting their own gears. Similarly, choosing a gear for career development—determining speed, effort, energy output—is a key to happiness, says Ellen Ernst…... » Read more

Fifty Million Missing Women

Rita Banerji ’90 Fights Female Genocide According to Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, there should be millions more women and girls living in India than there are. The acclaimed economist compared the natural ratio of men to women globally with the ratio in India, and twenty…... » Read more

The Rise of China

What everyone should know about ... A Quarterly series When the twenty-ninth Olympiad opens in August, the eyes of the world will be on China. The country’s phenomenal economic growth will impress some observers; others will see the dramatic increase in inequality and environmental degradation that…... » Read more

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