summer 2014

President’s Pen: Summer 2014

It’s hard-wired into me. There comes a moment in late July when I begin thinking about the start of school. The days grow a bit shorter. I start counting precious summer weekends. And then there are all those back-to-school television commercials that still make me…... » Read more

On Display: Slothing Around

The Megatherium of Clapp Lab Climb to the fourth floor of Clapp Laboratory, and you’ll be confronted by a skeleton made up of what many initially mistake to be dinosaur bones. Look a little closer and you may begin to recognize the rounded snout or…... » Read more

Then & Now: Canoe Sing

This article appeared in the summer 2014 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

Life Blood

Dr. Marvin Mitchell actually met Madeleine Stout ’13 in person last fall, but he first encountered her twenty-three years ago in the form of one of the thousands of blood droplets that pass each week through the Boston laboratory at the New England Newborn Screening…... » Read more

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