summer 2014

Investing in Opportunities for Reinvention

When Kay Althoff FP’84 arrived at Mount Holyoke in 1982, she was forty-one and the mother of three school-age children. She had started college after high school in Ohio but never graduated and had landed in western Massachusetts when her husband’s career path brought the family…... » Read more

How To Be a Writing God

Beth Dunn ’93 is a writer and editor at HubSpot, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based, marketing software company, where she manages the voice and tone of the HubSpot product, user experience, and customer communications, and coaches other folks who want to find their own voices. Read her tips…... » Read more

Insider’s View: Gettell Amphitheater

In 1961 the amphitheater was constructed as just one part of an ambitious campus improvement plan implemented by Richard Glenn Gettell, the College’s thirteenth president. In its earliest years Pageant Green was a popular spot for professors to hold class on a nice day. In…... » Read more

The Life and Legacy of Virginia Apgar ’29

Virginia Apgar ’29 was an obstetric anesthesiologist best known for the Apgar score, a clinical system for evaluating the physical condition of newborns at birth. View her acceptance speech after being named Woman of the Year in Science by the by Ladies Home Journal in 1973. Read more…... » Read more