summer 2014

Recent Graduates Reminisce

In the fall of 2010, Hannah Barg '14 (left) had just returned to the US from Israel, where she had spent her gap year the year between high school and college. She was worried about being able to connect with other first years, the majority of whom had…... » Read more

Lorelle Pye FP'13

From Vet Tech to Scientist

Lorelle Pye FP’13 Awarded NSF Grant At Lorelle Pye’s FP’13 high school in central Florida, students were rarely encouraged to pursue higher education. So upon graduation, Pye began working full time as a veterinary technician. Eventually, though, she saved enough money to move and attend…... » Read more

The Maven: Establishing a Daily Practice

It’s been said that writing is easy; you just sit down at your typewriter and bleed. Sounds pretty untidy, fairly painful, and frankly more than a little unsanitary to me. But writing—whether you’re working on a novel or polishing an email to your boss—is an…... » Read more

Frances Perkins Program

The Frances Perkins Program Students in the Frances Perkins Program for women of nontraditional age describe what they've experienced at Mount Holyoke: an academically challenging environment, a strong support network, dedicated classmates, and accessible, committed “No matter where you enter their classroom, they will move…... » Read more