summer 2014

My Voice: Where are the Women’s Voices?

In 1977, when I was the only woman teaching full time at the newly formed Yale School of Management, I attended a community meeting of students, faculty, and staff that addressed a range of topics. There were about forty people in the room. The men,…... » Read more

A Brewery Blowup

The Beer Explosion of 1972 In the spring of 1972, students in Microbiology 301 were studying the process of fermentation when their professor was struck with an idea: Why not make beer to get a better understanding of the process in action? Although Mount Holyoke…... » Read more

The Female Gaze: Summer 2014

Oil on Canvas The children in Jude Harzer’s ’87 paintings seem to stare boldly from the canvas, as if refusing to be objects of a viewer’s gaze. Through depictions of mothers, daughters, and sisters, Harzer explores the familial relationships that shape children. “I like the…... » Read more

Ten Minutes with Ellen Perrella

Certified Athletic Trainer All About Strength For thirty years Ellen Perrella has been head athletic trainer and lecturer in physical education and athletics at Mount Holyoke. With more than 300 varsity athletes at the College, it’s not unusual for up to fifty students a day…... » Read more