summer 2015

Then and Now: Senior Ball

—By Rachel Aylward This article appeared in the summer 2015 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

President’s Pen: Summer 2015

Five years ago, when I began hosting The Academic Minute on National Public Radio in collaboration with Albany’s WAMC, our goal was to promote participatory democracy by providing access to those outside of the academy to cutting-edge research and scholarship taking place at colleges and universities around…... » Read more

Mount Holyoke Forever Shall Be

Alumnae recall their time at Mount Holyoke during Reunion festivities More than 1,200 alumnae from generations that span nearly a century traveled back to campus from around the globe for a single shared cause—their love of Mount Holyoke College. From thought-provoking Back-to-Class sessions to outlandish…... » Read more

by Roger Cameron

Ten Minutes With: Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97

Boarding for Girls Sarah Strebel Cameron ’97 is no stranger to taking risks, but her biggest adventure came in 2008 when she founded her own company. Upon realizing that most skate, snow, and surf wax brands target men and boys—through brand name, packaging, graphics, or…... » Read more

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