Summer 2016

Community Center sketch

Bringing the Campus Together

The College’s new Community Center responds to the evolving needs of students with a design that is committed to preserving the MHC experience On a late morning in early spring the Mount Holyoke campus is quiet. Bells from the Mary Lyon clock tower mark a…... » Read more

Sonya Stephens

President’s Pen

As I step into the position of acting president, I am more reflective than usual about the long history of the College and symbolism of the threshold. In the early days of Mount Holyoke, when one student, arriving at the new seminary, found no steps…... » Read more


The Maven: Minimizing Wasted Food

How much food do you waste? A day? A week? A month? We all waste food. An estimated 25 percent of the food Americans purchase goes uneaten. That means food—and money—being thrown away, and landfills filling up with unnecessary waste. But minimizing wasted food, money,…... » Read more

On Display: Forever Dancing

In May 2015, during their fiftieth reunion weekend, about sixty members and friends of the class of 1965 gathered in Abbey Hall living room to dedicate a sculpture to classmate Denise Thompson Smith ’65, who passed away in 2010. A close-knit group of classmates, who call…... » Read more