Jessica Brezicha ’10 Does Something Fishy

Jessica Brezicha ’10 majored in biology at Mount Holyoke but had never touched a live fish until she was hired for her current job as a scientific observer on commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea. These days Brezicha is besieged by fish; she collects…... » Read more

Robin Layton Mann ’73: Addressing a Planet Emergency

Robin Mann has worked to improve the environment for more than thirty years. Water pollution, air quality, and now climate change have been in her portfolio of concerns since she began working as a local activist for the Sierra Club ( in the 1980s. Today,…... » Read more

Liza Connolly ’84: Spreading the food revolution, one ravioli at a time

David Letterman once did a hilarious bit where he led his viewers on a tour of a New York City farm, which consisted of a grass strip in midtown Manhattan with boxes of frozen food "growing" in neat rows. It's a joke that Liza Connolly…... » Read more