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Marylee Bomboy ’67: Four Easy Ways to Get Started Birdwatching

¶ I never aspired to become a birder; indeed, I never really looked at birds or knew anyone who did until 1980, when I went on a safari to Kenya. My husband and I were excited to see the incredible animals—elephants, rhino, zebra, giraffes, lions—but…... » Read more

Class notes illustration

Nobel Prize or New Puppy: The Art of the Class Note

... The class of 1952 just celebrated our sixty-fifth reunion. For sixty-five years the Alumnae Quarterly has arrived in our mailbox every three months! We have progressed from ink wells and blotters to smartphones. We still read our class notes. (As it turns out, class…... » Read more

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The Maven: Rethinking Your Turf

In the 1700s European aristocrats invented a new landscaping feature: the lawn. Intended as a status symbol, lawns leapt across the ocean to estates in America, then spread throughout the country with the rise of the suburbs. Today lawns are a staple of our suburban…... » Read more


The Maven: Sharing Your Wishes

These days, with apologies to Tina Turner, I’ve been asking myself, “What’s death got to do with it?” You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine without encountering advice about preparing for death or documenting your end-of-life wishes. Are we starting at the wrong end…... » Read more