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The Maven: Sharing Your Wishes

These days, with apologies to Tina Turner, I’ve been asking myself, “What’s death got to do with it?” You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine without encountering advice about preparing for death or documenting your end-of-life wishes. Are we starting at the wrong end…... » Read more

Who’s In Your Wallet?

We All Need a Health Care Companion In 1975 my husband, Mike, and I went backpacking in the Truchas Mountains in northern New Mexico. I was newly pregnant with our daughter and had just taught my first bioethics course at a local university. When we…... » Read more


The Maven: Minimizing Wasted Food

How much food do you waste? A day? A week? A month? We all waste food. An estimated 25 percent of the food Americans purchase goes uneaten. That means food—and money—being thrown away, and landfills filling up with unnecessary waste. But minimizing wasted food, money,…... » Read more

Clearing Your Emotional Clutter

The Maven: Clearing Your Emotional Clutter

As a professional organizer and coach, I have observed that whatever is going on inside of you is often reflected in your outside environment and vice versa: depression can cause clutter, and clutter can cause depression. I view emotional clutter as feelings that prevent you…... » Read more