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The Maven: How to Wear a Baby

Babywearing is an age-old method of caretaking, allowing a caregiver to be hands-free while meeting the needs of the child. Wearing babies is also proven to alleviate perinatal mood and anxiety disorders through improved bonding and caregiver confidence, reduced infant crying, and shared human interaction.…... » Read more

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The Maven: Finding the Right Health Care Provider

We’re finally figuring out that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and managing health is seen as a partnership between patient and provider. So it’s important to find the right medical expert to be your partner. Your health plan may give…... » Read more

The Maven: Achieving Sexual Health and Satisfaction

Sexual health is literacy in the language of the human body and how it functions sexually, insight into our own sexual preferences and desires, and self-advocacy skills that allow us to ask for what we want in an intimate relationship. Sexual health evolves over time…... » Read more

The Maven: How to Read a Poem

The Maven: How to Read a Poem

Many people are scared of poetry. They say that they can’t understand it and don’t know how to read it, and some simply choose to avoid reading poems entirely. How does this happen? When did poetry become something intimidating and inaccessible? Start young and have…... » Read more