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Alumnae Association welcomes new interim executive director

  Liz Lierman has been named interim executive director of the Alumnae Association. Lierman, who has served as executive director of the Career Development Center since 2014, transitioned to her new role on July 1 and will serve during fiscal year 2021 in a creative…... » Read more

Letters from the Dust Bowl

Caroline Boa Henderson, class of 1901, maintained correspondence with her classmate Rose Alden for several decades following their graduation from Mount Holyoke. The Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections houses over 1300 letters and assorted papers written by and addressed to Henderson. In the…... » Read more

Portrait of Rachel Fuller Brown, class of 1920

Funding Women in Science for More Than 40 Years

Rachel Fuller Brown, class of 1920, almost didn’t attend Mount Holyoke. Although she was a strong student and hard worker at Central High School in Springfield, her family had little money, and had a friend of her grandmother’s not offered to pay her tuition it…... » Read more

An icon of a sheep surrounded by text. Manchego cheese from Spain starts from sheep’s milk and tastes nutty, grassy and gamy. It is best for eating on its own or melting on top of a dish. If it is aged, manchego also grates well. Ossau-Iraty cheese from Pyrenees, France, is made from sheep’s milk and features a distinct sheep flavor and grassiness with a firm, smooth texture. It is excellent for melting and for eating on its own.

Choosing Cheeses

Along with her recommendations for constructing an irresistible cheese plate, chef/owner of Camaje Bistro Abigail Hitchcock ’94 has highlighted a selection of cheeses with different textures, tastes and uses. Here are her notes on a variety of cheeses to help you expand your dairy horizons. …... » Read more

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