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Letter from Hawaii by Margaret Adriance Withington, class of 1920

Below is a graphic interpretation of Margaret Adriance Withington's letter by Bobbie Green ’19. Reading by Allyson Huntoon ’19.   Read this and other letters from alumnae.... » Read more

Alumnae Quarterly Reader Survey Results

After each issue we send a survey to a random group of 2,000 alumnae to evaluate reader response. It had been sixteen years since we conducted a comprehensive survey of a representative sample of the entire alumnae population, so in anticipation of our centennial year,…... » Read more

Who’s In Your Wallet?

We All Need a Health Care Companion In 1975 my husband, Mike, and I went backpacking in the Truchas Mountains in northern New Mexico. I was newly pregnant with our daughter and had just taught my first bioethics course at a local university. When we…... » Read more

How to Use a Sundial

Sundials are the earliest type of clock and use the Sun and its position to indicate the time of day, commonly known as solar time. We haven't relied on sundials to tell time for centuries—not since time has been standardized across the world—but it can…... » Read more