winter 2014

Inspirational Quotes

The Mount Holyoke libraries house 180 carrels—scattered throughout the Williston and Miles-Smith stacks—where seniors study, snack, sleep, and store mountains of books gathered for researching and writing a thesis. Students often personalize their carrels with inspirational quotes and photos. Download these printables to post near…... » Read more

My Voice: Falling in Love with Mount Holyoke All Over Again

Together with all Mount Holyoke alumnae, I am part of a sisterhood born of living and learning among women for four years. Ours is a bond that lasts despite our separation and the passing of time. During our years as undergraduates, it was not the…... » Read more

President’s Pen: Winter 2014

"You can’t go home again,” novelist Thomas Wolfe tells us. But recently, I did. Last fall I returned to 103 Dickinson House—my old dorm room. It was my first time back in more than thirty years. Like many of you, I have indelible memories of…... » Read more

On Display: Stitched Together

Intricate needlepoint by Nancy (Nan) Mettler ’38 Every time Gretchen Mettler paid a visit to her aunt Nan at her home in Akron, Ohio, she was greeted by a vibrant needlepoint on the wall of the living room. Entitled Autobiography, the piece showcases Nancy H. Mettler’s…... » Read more

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