winter 2015

Then & Now: Fire Drills

—By Taylor Scott —Archival photo courtesy of MHC Archives & Special Collections —Current photo by Millie Rossman This article appeared in the winter 2015 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly.... » Read more

President's Pen Winter 2015

President’s Pen: Winter 2015

I always love hearing students and alumnae invoke Mary Lyon’s name. From “Mary Lyon would want me to take this job” to “Mary Lyon would want Mountain Day on Tuesday” (or Wednesday or Thursday or whenever a paper is due), calling forth our founder speaks…... » Read more

Transcript: The Saddest Day

On April 15, 1865, Nettie Bacon, class of 1866, was traveling back to South Hadley after a holiday when she learned of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Over the course of the next few days, she composed a letter to her brother, Alonzo, chronicling the reactions…... » Read more

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