winter 2015

Feminine Care Products: Safe List

According to Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE)—a nonprofit orgranization working to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities—feminine products, like pads, tampons, wipes, wash, sprays, and douche can contain unregulated toxic chemicals like carcinogens, reproductive toxins, hormone disruptors, and allergens. The FDA…... » Read more

MoHome Memories: Herbarium Collection

A window into plant life of the past Until 1905, the creation and maintenance of an herbarium was a regular part of a Mount Holyoke student’s coursework. In fact, during the mid-nineteenth century collecting specimens for one’s herbarium was one of the few approved activities…... » Read more

Insider’s View: The Pump House

The Pump House, and what was referred to as the “kissing bridge,” were familiar sights to Mount Holyoke women of earlier generations. Although the original kissing bridge is gone, the Pump House remains, situated along the stream that runs between Upper Lake and Lower Lake,…... » Read more

A Sneak Peak into the Chicken Coop

Andrea LeClair ’02 had no farming experience when she first got chickens, but now she has a flock of ten in her five-acre backyard in Western Massachusetts. Get a peek inside her chicken coop to see firsthand what raising backyard poultry really entails. » Read…... » Read more