winter 2017

Songs My Mother Didn’t Teach Me

¶ ¶ Gale Stubbs McClung ’45 served as editor of the Alumnae Quarterly from 1962 to 1989. The following essay was one of nearly two dozen published in the Quarterly in the winter 1990 issue in response to a call for articles from alumnae on the meaning of…... » Read more

Wendy Wasserstein ’71

Alumnae Speakers at Commencement

¶ The summer 1990 Alumnae Quarterly included a transcript of playwright Wendy Wasserstein's ’71 commencement address to the graduating class. A full transcript of her address appears here, as well as a selection of excerpts from other alumnae who were featured commencement speakers through the…... » Read more


Dollars and Sense

¶ In the winter 1990 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly, a humorous infographic/comic was used to describe how donations to the Campaign for Mount Holyoke impact students and the College itself. Elizabeth Topham Kennan ’60, former president of Mount Holyoke, and past Dean of Faculty Joe Ellis…... » Read more

Women’s Health Issues

¶ ¶ The spring 1980 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly was solely dedicated to the education and promotion of women’s health. Topics discussed included nutrition, contraception options, menopause, genetics, plastic surgery, and more. Alumnae ranging from the class years of 1929 to 1976 contributed by writing and submitting…... » Read more

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