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Independent Study

¶ ¶ The spring 1971 issue of the Alumnae Quarterly celebrated the independent academic work of Mount Holyoke students and featured articles written for the magazine by students in Elizabeth Green's journalism class. Acting Dean of Studies Isabelle Baird Sprague, class of 1937, introduced the…... » Read more

Mary Woolley Hall

The Role of the Alumnae Association

¶ In the summer of 1969, president of the Alumnae Association, Barbara Waugh Stephenson ’45, wrote an article for the Alumnae Quarterly addressing issues such as censorship, freedom of speech, and increases in the cost of education. In the article, transcribed in its entirety here, Stephenson also makes note…... » Read more

Deacon Porter's Hat

Deacon Porter’s Hat Recipe

¶ ¶ Not following its usual track, the Alumnae Quarterly published the following recipe for Deacon Porter’s Hat, a beloved Mount Holyoke treat, in the fall 1960 issue. (Should you wish to try this recipe at home, a modernized version can be viewed here.) Deacon Porter’s…... » Read more

Pie charts

1960 Alumnae Survey Results

¶ ¶ In June 1960, alumnae opened their mailboxes to an extensive survey sent out by the Alumnae Association. Two years later, with the help of Elizabeth Green, class of 1931, and professors Everett D. Hawkins (economics) and Elizabeth Tooker (sociology), the Alumnae Quarterly synthesized…... » Read more