The Inland Sea of Japan

May 8–18, 2018

From Kyoto to Matsue, explore the scenic landscape gardens and cultural landmarks that dot the island nation of Japan. Traveling via the five-star small ship L’Austral, this nine-night journey will guide you through the Inland Sea of Japan and a variety of Zen Buddhist and Shinto religious sites, some dating back to A.D. 711. A special diversion to South Korea brings you to the sacred Bulguksa Temple, historic Gyeongju National Museum, and the treasure-filled Royal Burial Mounds at Tumuli Park.

Visiting the Adachi and Hagi Uragami Museums introduces you to both traditional woodblock and modern art as well as landscaped gardens. History and ancient tradition aren’t limited to museums however; remnants of imperial and feudal Japan still linger, including Nijō, Matsue and Himeji Castles, the latter of which features a brilliant white façade. After a busy day of excursions, sample cuisine such as fugu (pufferfish) in Moji, Japan.

With the optional pre- and post-program expeditions, you can also explore the capital city of Tokyo and the artistic and cultural hub of Kanazawa.

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Photo: Public Domain via Wiki Commons